Monday, March 9, 2009

Driving North

Our physics teacher was always talking mostly about things to do with outer space. Which was fine with me because I would much rather talk about that than physics. It might also be why I got a C in that class. One day he told us that if we were to drive way north on 65 that night, we might see the Aurora Borealis. He said it would look like red streaks in the sky. So at about 11:30, we got in my car and headed north because, why not? We drove and drove, searching the whole black sky for any tinge of red, but we never saw any sign of it. Finally we gave up and decided to head back to the dorm, and by that time, were both so tired we could barely drive, so of course you drove because I am not to be trusted behind the wheel with sleepy eyes. At least we tried.

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